Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So Finally Something About Security? The NT Object Model.

I keep meaning to start a series abut security. At least on Windows (NT family).

First, I should start by explaining the object manager. Then again, let's let someone else do it. Adrian groks this stuff. Check it out:

(off topic) If you enjoy that you may enjoy Adrian's explanation of the NT heap manager:

And if you want to kill some trees, I strongly recommend this for anyone into how Windows does its thing:

Tomorrow: a recap of what to know about the object manager as far as security goes, then an intro to access control lists (ACLs).
Day after tomorrow: I'm planning a dive deeper into ACLs - ACEs.

Please, someone, give me some feedback if you want to see how this relates to Unix, Unix-based systems (Linux, OSX, etc.) or to the NT predecessor (VMS (link is to Open VMS)).

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