Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Three Legged Stool of Software Development

I gave up on "trinity" as the analogy pretty early on. "Tricorn hat" also didn't work. Nor did "three bowling ball holes" of software development. "Threepenny Opera" also didn't cut it. "3 Inches of Blood", while it had a certain appeal, also didn't quite work. So I finally settled upon the "three legged stool", so this blogpost is now hereby about the three legged stool of software development.

Why a three legged stool? There are three disciplines typically involved in the process: development, program/project management, and testing. Each of those disciplines has a role and each of those roles need to 1) exist and 2) be balanced with the others. Imagine a two-legged stool. For whatever reason, Google Images has failed me, so you'll have to imagine it instead of looking at a pretty picture. Without the third leg (you wouldn't believe the GOOG hits for "third leg" - unpublishable!), that stool is either going to fall over or have some outside force to keep it upright. Now imagine a three legged stool with legs of unequal size. All legs touch the ground, but the seat of the stool just isn't level (forgive me for the cheesy link, but I love that about SF!). In software development that just can't be right. So we try to have a stool with equal legs of dev, pm, and test holding up the seat of the software, of the customer. Keeping things on the level.

Synopses (I'll probably post more detail about these later):
Developers - write the code, fix the bugs.
PMs - drive cross-team collaboration, drive the design and the schedule.
Testers - test the code, file bugs, confirm fixes.

Those synopses leave out a lot of details. Everyone has equal input at all stages of the product cycle, for example (thank me later for no prescriptive/proscriptive PLC links so far). I should probably explain the product cycle and the duties within it before I go on too far. I really need to get into granularity of duties among leads, senior staff, and junior staff, too.

I'll just leave you with one of my favorite Patton quotes for now:
Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way.

Next up: Either a better definition on disciple duties, an overview of the product cycle, or my thoughts on leading vs being an individual contributor.

Sorry to anyone expecting more security geekery so far. If you want that, look only here and here. :-) My head has been too wrapped up in procedural junk at work to be worried much about security lately. Eventually I really will get around to the NT security model and how it compares to others in the industry or even to ideals.

Three legged stools are painful to pass.
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