Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back to Real Life

This post wanders all over the place and has no real theme. Please forgive me. I'll post a more coherent post next.

I'm back from Ashland and I'm recharged. Mostly. The Shakespeare festival was wonderful. So was Mike's homebrew, despite its name (Goat Scrotum Ale).

Back here at work, we have about a week until we ship the new version of Taceo. There's a bunch of bugfixing, customer-pleasing (or at least customer-not-too-terribly-annoying-anymore) goodness in the internal builds. There are some really scary code-churning changes afoot now in the thirteenth hour, but with any luck everything will work out. Or we'll back the changes out and still be better off than our last release. Either way it's much better than what you might have already tried.

No surprise that nobody at work was celebrating today's holiday. I didn't want to mention it. I thought I'd seem too flip.

I recently found out that back at the borg the internal transfer process is now easier. That would have been nice during my time there. I can only hope that changes like that won't stop the hemorrhaging of talent that provides such well-trained, highly-skilled, industry-savvy staff for startups like ours.

For anyone in dev or test who happens to be reading my blog, you may want to check out Steve Pietrek's blog. He does a great job of collecting dev-interesting links daily, focusing mostly on managed code.

Since I'm rambling about almost anything, I'll also ask when the heck Terry Gilliam's new movie is finally going to open here in the US. Ok. Here goes . . . When? (Answer: October 6.) Days are getting darker here in Seattle and I'm shifting back into filmgoing mode. I've been waiting for a chance to see that film all summer.

End of rambles. Thanks for reading all the way to the end.

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