Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Haven't been posting as regularly as I had wanted to. I've been a little too wrapped up in propane and propane accessories. Yeah - work. And when I haven't been at work I've been really busy trying not to be at work. Hitting that wall of crunchiness that says I have to slow down or I'll start to burn out.

So not much blog posting. Oops. So much for personal goals . . .

Yes, I'll get back to my security primer. Give me a week or so.

Current state of the Drew: Crunchy.

In the last few weeks I think I've pretty much found every way I can (short of checking in my own damned fixes into the source tree (which I might start doing if those guys can't get their shit together)) to piss off my devs. Mostly, I'm just looking for ways to better manage our project. I want us all to be open and accountable. Is that so wrong? Well . . . maybe. I admit that I tend to forget that there are egos involved. I just look at an engineering problem as a problem with known parameters and find a way to solve it.

So here I am. *sigh* At the very least, I know that Taceo 1.7 will suck less than the previous release (And what the crap is a DCenter? Is that what passes for the new cool? I'm so outta touch.) In fact, it will suck so much less that I would encourage you, my few (one?) readers (reader?), to try it out. In about two weeks or so. I'll let you know.

For right now, I'm mostly considering my plans for changing process at ESS and my wonderful 3 day weekend in Ashland, OR for the Shakespeare Festival. I really need that break. And more time with that W woman. *sigh* (reprise)

Also on the up-side, I'm really looking forward to the new SDET lead who accepted our offer. I need to share my work stress. Um . . . duties. I hope he really knows he's in for startup-land. It's a wild ride compared to Microsoft. Not so many superstars here. Hell, it makes *me* seem like some kind of superstar, but I'm not.

Actually there are many upsides. I'm just feeling a bit burnt and crunchy, so I'm probably coming off more negatively than I should. Apologies.

(P.S. Why does Blogger's spell-checker suck so much? Is it because people expect so little of Google that they can keep shipping total crap?)

(P.P.S. How many days does it take Google to realize that Blogger's certificate is expired? Is it more or fewer days than the number that it takes for me to figure out how the hell to send their tech support a mail to tell them that there's a problem and how to fix it? *grumble* Answer: less. It took a few days. In those few days I didn't know how to let Google know there was a problem. I tried. Multiple times. Customer service these days . . . Then again, I guess everything from Google is always in Beta, so it's not a problem.)

(P.P.P.S. Whenever Google decides to 1. get serious about security and 2. get serious about customer sat, please someone let me know. I hear it's a great place to work. If you don't care about those things.)

Hey! readERS!
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