Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I've already posted something today and I'm getting sleepy. I think I'll skip what I was going to post until tomorrow.

The teaser is this, though: Tomorrow: File.Exists - File.Existed?

Oooh . . . quite the cliff-hanger, eh? Yeah, you're right. It's going to be boring and geeky(yeah and so what if I like BOFH?). And existential. Oh, deeeeeeeep, man, you might be thinking after I dropped a word like "existential". Well . . . no. Not really. It's pretty common sense (not quite like that, actually) once you understand the sense of it. Just like all other common sense. And still boring and geeky.

So check in tomorrow as we delve into the horrible development practices encouraged by File.Exists and the nasty nasty bugs that come of it. [Queue spooky music. I'm outta here.]

Well, if writing the prior post was as snooze inducing as reading it, no wonder you're sleepy.
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