Thursday, September 21, 2006

Security Primer in No Particular Order - preamble

I've decided that I haven't really blogged enough about security yet. And to really get into the issues, I need to be sure that anyone reading my blog has the background info before I just dive into some more in-depth topic. Because of these factors, I've decided to start a series: "Security Primer in No Particular Order".

Why no particular order? Well . . . let's face it - I'm just not that organized [1]. And I'm sure that even if I were something would occur to me out of order after I'd published it. So no particular order.

This is the "why I'm bothering to post the series and sorry it's not more helpful" post that kicks off the (at least) week or so of basic security know-how. I may amend this post or any of the ones to follow to add useful info.

Maybe after that I expound on useful tools or even sneaky tester tricks. I think I should run with themes.

So how do I explain computer security to my mom? Or my brother? Or some stranger on a bus who insists on talking to me despite that I'm trying to read a book? Hmmm. We'll see . . .

Most certainly I'm going to refer often to places like SANS and RSA and others. Of course there will be some nod to gov't standards like FIPS, too. And because I'm primarily focused on working on Windows ('cause most folks are), you'll get a fistful of links to MSDN content and KB articles (why doesn't MSFT offer something like KBAlertz?).

[1] I couldn't find it online, but I seem to remember some (translated) Pablo Neruda poem that began something like (in English translation, and this misses a lot of the meaning): "All the fishes in the sees are all organized". Having grown up in a union town, it speaks to me. But in the non-union way it also speaks to me. Then again, it's not Google-able, so maybe I imagined it.

Don't forget that Google is a proper noun, NOT a verb. At least that's what the youngest 400 lb gorilla wants you to believe.
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