Thursday, September 14, 2006

Scoble makes me react again. This reaction isn't that uncommon for me. I'm just blogging about it for the first time now. *sigh*

Sweet! I have my gag feather poised carefully near Robert Scoble's uvula. Now all I have to mention is how Microsoft apes Apple and . . .


Oh! It's all over now, folks. What a messy ending!

(This is why nobody lets me make movies.)

Um . . . who the heck cares? Technology feeds on its own and spawns better. Or sometimes worse. What prevails prevails.

I don't really care whether my iNewFancyWidget came from Steve Jobs or Stevie Wonder as long as it's easy to use, makes me happier, and lasts until Stevie puts out a new album. I hope the iNewFancyWidget is accessible for blind folks . . .

I don't really care who first invented the iNewFancyWidget as long as I can use it. If possible, for free. And to communicate with my friends and loved ones. Or to see pretty women naked in some more realistic way (pr0n drives tech).

I just don't care. Gimme what I want. I don't care about its provenance. I'm like a pawn shop in that way, I suppose . . .

(P.S. Yes, I'm skipping the technical post again tonight. I'll do it tomorrow.)

you look at pr0n? The horror, I'm utterly appalled.
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