Monday, September 11, 2006

Impress Your Coworkers!

When I arrived at work today I was surprised by a mail from the CEO telling me that he liked my blog. I wondered how he had even found it.

Then I got an email from marketing telling me that I did a great job in driving traffic toward the company's website. Huh? The morning was only getting weirder.

The marketing folks (whom I can't ever call "marketroids" here now because they'd know I said it) monitor the hits the ESS website gets. Apparently some people followed links from this blogpost and visited the site. So everyone in marketing read my blog. And the CEO found it, too. That explained everything.

I'd like to explain that I'm not in marketing, I'm not trying to shill anything here, and this blog is in no way attempting to represent that company I work for. So any claims that me putting in links like this one are really just some kind of marketing ploy are patently untrue. Seriously, though, this is my blog and it's about whatever I want to write. I don't want anyone to think otherwise.

Moreover, if you visited ESS and downloaded Taceo, I'd like to let you know that I know that 1.6.5 is buggy. Lots of known bugs. We released it just after I was hired. Don't think for even a second that our up-coming 1.7 release (early October?) is going to be such crap. It will, of course, still be software. I'll even go so far as to say that if you haven't tried Taceo yet but you've been wondering about it . . . wait until October.

Because I'd like tomorrow to be just as exciting as today was, I wrote that previous paragraph. I wonder who will say something to me about it. I wonder what those folks will say.

Someone who shall remain nameless also requested that I not blog about anything too negative like KILLING THE PRESIDENT because it might cast a bad light on ESS. The sentence you just read was intended for that nameless person and for the wonder that is the Google search engine, which should make it easy to find my blog by searching for the phrase KILLING THE PRESIDENT. Luckily, Google knows about alternate forms that some words can have and can substitute them, so I shouldn't have to include phrases like TERMINATE THE LIFE OF THE CHIEF EXECUTIVE or DEAD-IFY DUBYA, but I'll include them anyway.

On a side note, this means that some strangers have actually been reading my blog. Cool! Hello, strangers from the intarweb! Please make yourselves at home.

Note to self: Archive a copy of Taceo 1.6.5 and 1.7 when it ships. These could be very useful in a few years when it's job hunt time again, assuming my next gig is also in test. What did I do at ESS? Well, in the first couple I months I helped shake bugs out so that this [point to 1.6.5 while making a disgusting face] worked like this [point to 1.7 accompanied by a less disgusting face].

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