Friday, September 08, 2006

I Resolve . . .

I resolve to post something at least once a day. Something of content (links, even) at least twice a week.

I need to just state that publicly. Gotta stop the slide into blog netherland.

Ok, so here's something maybe of substance:

I read Joel Spolsky's blog pretty religiously. Meaning the feed shows up in RSS Bandit and eventually I get to it. I somehow ended up being the de facto build engineer a few weeks ago. While I was trying to figure out how to link Subversion, Bugzilla, our couple of email servers (don't even ask why we have separate POP3 *and* Exchange servers - I mean it - don't ask), my nightly build script (yeah, no link there 'cause it's some in-house kludge that I cooked up in a hurry), and product supports software (no name mentioned; nothing linked) I decided to look into that FogBugZ thing Joel's always peddling. Neat! In fact, very very neat. Our product support guy is looking into it right now and he seems impressed, too. I have this crazy feeling that a lot of the infrastructure problems I've been dealing with will go *poof* and I'll only have a few loose ends to tie up.

Does anyone (if you're reading this) have any opinions about FogBugZ? Frankly, it makes that crapola I was using at Microsoft look like . . . ok, crapola. I'm not sure it scales to the level of Microsoft's money-making divisions (all two of them), mind you, but ESS isn't Microsoft. There are pluses and minuses in that, but so far I think I'm in the black.

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