Friday, September 08, 2006

File Under: Schadenfreude (Warning: I swear in this one!)

This makes me laugh. Here is it in its full URL-y splendor in case you're a 'softie and don't want to accidentally visit Mini from work:

I laugh the nervous laughter of an ex-Microsoft's who was increasingly ever more aware of draconian IT practices over the years. Ha. Ha ha. Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh, dear . . .

I think Microsoft doesn't get it. Again. Surprise! ;-) Tech geeks live and breathe connectivity. They absolutely need their web access. But why? Is it the web? No. It's the information, stupid. Yes, that means Microsoft need to see mine's site. Because THAT'S WHAT PASSES FOR TRANSPARENCY AT MICROSOFT. They need to know what's happening throughout the company. Even if that means watching all the troll food and its inevitable reactions scroll by (PgDn, PgDn, PgDn . . .). Hell, maybe that means getting their pr0n (no link - make your own). Whatever it takes to make them more productive. Who am I to say? Why does MSFT care what their employees read at work? At all? *harrumph*

This totally stinks of Microsoft's leadership being afraid of the plebes. And they should be. If they hired right, all of those plebes are smarter and better fit to lead than the senatorial class of 68+ ("partner") folks laying down the laws.

So what happens next, Microsoft? If you want to bleed talent, I'd love to hire some! Give me your smart, your driven, your undervalued masses . . .
[Drew strikes a Statue of Liberty pose.]

We're always hiring talent here at ESS. Even if the job board doesn't say so. Just try us. If you're a superstar we're not gonna say no. Then again, if you're a superstar you don't really need the invitation, do you? Just come on in!

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