Thursday, September 21, 2006

DRM Is Evil!

Well . . . I obviously don't quite believe that. If I did I wouldn't be working at a company (caution: blindingly new burgundy scheme!) whose current sole product was a DRM app (yeah -same link). But in many senses the ways that DRM is applied to things like music in not exactly kind ways for the consumer (and moreover the way the rabid, frothing lawyers treat ownership of Intellectual Property and enforcement of that) make DRM seem kinda bad. At best. Or maybe even just plain evil (NSFW - or anywhere with decency standards - just "no").

Check out this interesting anti-DRM blog:

I'll get back to DRM probably sometime next week. I'll explain my insider's view of what it offers, how it falls short, and how it is seen (or misperceived).

I should also add that this is my own personal blog and my opinions are my own. They are not necessarily those of my employer (ESS) or anyone in any way associated with the company. If that wasn't already clear from the get-go, then for the sake of that guy who could fire me at a whim, please let it be clear now. Here are photos of him with the rest of the gang. I think they were all high on nitrous in front of some shrubbery at the time. I dunno. I wasn't there. LINK Also - ignore the text about them. Notice that they all have the same toothy smile. Could this explain the strange set of false teeth I happened upon in the storage room or are they actually all the same person (thus same teeth)? Oh, the mystery! Anywho . . . these opinions are my own and not those of the mothership (which my want to beam me up for refactoring or somesuch after reading this blogpost).

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