Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Security-related Daily WTF Post

I've been too wrapped up in both work and personal stuff lately. I've been behind in my news- and blog-reading. It's about sunset and I finally read today's Daily WTF post. (I should really link to them in that "links" sidebar when I have more time to pimp out my blog next weekend.)

Anywho . . . here's the Daily WTF post. Enjoy!

Pop quiz: What wasn't right about that email? Try answering *before* reading the comments on the original blogpost. Ouch.!Just . . . ouch.

- Drew

Let's see.... Gotta be that was sent to Everyone rather than a Bcc:
My first thought was that it totally stinks of social engineering.
BCC *would* keep someone from hitting "Reply All" with the passwords, but if the IT guys were on the ball they wouldn't set the passwords to something everyone just saw. Oh . . . then again, these are the same IT folks who sent that original mail. Point taken, Moik.
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