Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ramping Up on Everything

For the past several weeks I've been busy ramping up on everything at ESS. How does the product actually work? What . . . no spec? What's the codebase look like? How 'bout the build process? What's the release cycle like? Who the heck are the customers and how are we meeting their desires (or not)? All those things and more.

After a great deal of ad hoc testing trying to figure out how things work (or should), I think I have a pretty good grip on what an end user would/should expect. So it's time for a test plan. ESS had nada for testing before I showed up. Nothing. Zip. This will be the first attempt anyone's made at a test plan. Ideally, I could start with a spec and build the plan from there, but things aren't always ideal.

Luckily, the job of writing a spec has fallen to me, so the world is more ideal than I had thought. Or is it? I'm just some test schlub and I'm new to the product, but I'm the one expected to write the spec? Aaaaargh! And there's a crapstorm of testing that needs doing NOW because we're about to put out another dot release? Double aaaaargh! I'm just hoping to muddle through and have draft one ready for lots of red ink from the rest of the team by the end of the week.

I'll drill down into what the product is, who the customers are, et al. in later posts.

- Drew

(P.S. I wonder whether or not I should actually use the spell-checker that Blogger offers. It's a cool feature, no doubt, but I want this to be off the cuff. Maybe a few misspellings work better than dictionary-perfect blogposts. I dunno.)

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