Wednesday, August 09, 2006


So this is my frist p0st . . .

Who I am:
An ex-Microsoft dev in test. This means I live and breathe code. The sole tester at a startup. This means I'm interested or at least willing to take some chances and play "business". A total security geek. This means I'm all about either breaking into some system or securing it. That's the most interesting game of all . . . (Hack my blog - dare ya - go ' head - it's worth a laugh!)

What this is all about:
I'd ideally like to explain my job to my mom. Beyond that, it would be nice to explain it to all y'all, too . . .

My sitch:
After 7 years of Microsoft (test dev in Windows security), I'm now a (*the*) tester at a startup doing DRM stuffs. We're "Essential Security Software" in case you're keeping score at home. This is my blog about the trials and tribulations of making a startup start up. In the security space. As some insider. That's it. My schtick. Not so sexy, maybe, but it's *mine*.

More on the trials and tribulations of my job later. And probably also more about past things I should do even if the official documentation didn't.

- Drew

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